About Us

We undertake to organize wedding ceremonies according to traditional and conventional practices that have been handed down from time immemorial most accurately and punctually.

Vipula Rajapaksha who undertakes to perform the rituals is professional dance teacher who is also consultant in dancing. He has an experience of 20 years as a dance teacher. He who won several awards in youth and in all Ceylon Art Festivals has obtained dance training under P8itigala Jayasena and Rajini Selvanayagam.

After the inauguration of Vipula Kalayathanaya in 1989 he has conducted about 15,000 wedding ceremonies and he has recited Ashtaka in about 4,000 of them. He capable to accepting even 10 Wedding Ceremonies per day. Both students and teachers University of Aesthetic Studies will participate in dancing.

His articles on Traditional Weddings and solemnsation with Ashtaka have appeared in Bride of Sri Lanka Magazine.

In 2012 received the Maz Lanka Award.

Our Main Objective is perform the Wedding Ceremony both correctly and punctually.